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  • How long you ship the batteries?
    We normally shipping out the goods within 2-3 business days.
  • Do you ship to Puerto Rico?
    Enviamos a Puerto Rico con frecuencia. Yes, we ship to Puerto Rico frequently, and normally arrival to P.R in the next week. If you need deliver to other countries, email us:
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    Yes we shipping to Canada address with all cost cleared including duty. If you need shipping to other countries, please email us:
  • Do you ship to Europe?
    Yes, we shipping to Europe countries including UK. Our European order station is Any questions or assistance needed, email us:
  • Do you ship to Australia?
    Yes, we shipping to Australia. Our Australia order station is: Any questions or any assistance needed, please email us:
  • How long can we receive my batteries?
    To US local address: 5 days around since the batteries shipping out. To Canadian address: 7 days around since the batteries shipping out. To Puerto Rico address: 7-14 days around based on the order time(Order before Wednesday can help you receive goods earlier). Any questions or any assistance needed, please email us:
  • Do you ship directly to Jamaica
    We can arrange the shipping from china factoryto Jamaica directly.
  • Do you ship your battaries to Ukraine?
    Yes, we can arrange to ship from Europe warehouse to Ukraine. Place o
  • Where you ship the batteries?
    We shipping our batteries from the nearest warehouse: USA warehouse: CA/GA UK warehouse: Manchester EU warehouse: Germany AU warehouse: NSW
  • What's currency for Canadian clients?
    It is in US currency. Batteries will be shipped from Canada/USA warehouse, it's all cost cleared to Canadian address, including duty & custom fee, you don't need pay anything when sign it.
  • Does your battery UL listed?
    100Ah Pack & Cell are UL1642 and UL1973 listed.
  • Where to download the BMS Tool?
    In website download tag.
  • What is the difference between Powerwall and Server rack battery?
    All is the same except the outer shape. The Powerwall can be wall mounted or lay on the rack/table.
  • What's cell in your battery?
    EVE Grade AAA fresh cells, China government projects only qualified cells. Both UL1973 & CE62619 listed.
  • Is this battery compatible with *** inverter?
  • What would be the best way to balance the batteries before hooking them up to their current system?
    You can directly hook up to the system, battery has current limit circuits inbuilt.
  • When cell balance starts and stops
    Cell balance starts: Cell voltage > 3.4V, and cell voltage difference > 20mV. During charging. Cell balance stops: If charging reach OVP, then continue balancing till cell voltage close to 3.4V and difference <20mV. If charing not reach OVP, then stops balancing when charing stops.
  • Where Can I get more information for controller programming. The 5 kilo battery? I uses Flexmax 80
    Please set Bulk and Absorsion 57.6V. If there's float charge setting, set as 54.5V.
  • what protocol does the bms use with that growatt inverter?
    You can use Pylon CAN and Pylon485.
  • what protocol use deye inverter
    you can use Pylon CAN and Pylon485.
  • Introduce 230Ah Battery
    230Ah battery uses top quality materials, big breaker, strong soft busbar, large size cable, heavy duty terminals. Ensure a good product.
  • Is Orient Power Split Phase Inverter UL Listed?
    Yes, it is UL1741 Listed.
  • Inverter Code 52
    Please confirm: 1. Whether after restarting Inverter resume to normal use 2. If you can help download the log or the machine is connected to the wifi, please provide the account password to log in to us 3. Please help provide us with a set value of 01/05/16
  • Will this battey compatible with SPF 5000ES inverter?
    Yes. Inverter protocl select from Growatt Inverter side: L01 Growatt 485 L02 Pylon 485 L51 Growatt CAN L52 Pylon CAN
  • What cable size should be used?
    What cable size should be used? Suggested: Between batteries: 4AWG or 25sqmm Inverter to battery: 2AWG or 35sqmm

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