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Important Note BEFORE Firmware Upgrade!!! -- contact before doing Firmware update




Please join Facebook group, contact Orient Power and send BMS tool screenshot of your battery to confirm your battery BMS version.

This is to ensure the proper firmware package to be sent to you before any Firmware upgrade.



About BMS Upgrade App:

1. General

The upgrade tool is developed for the convenience of customer testing our BMS products for function update and is not for commercial use. When upgrading, first make sure the BMS product is in standby state. Please turn off the electric load and charger.


2. Operation steps and instructions

Step 1. 

Double click the application icon (BMS Upgrade V1.0.0.exe), Open the upgrade tool. The specific interface is as follows:



Step 2. 

Select the correct serial port and baud rate, click "Browse" to select the corresponding bin file. After importing the bin file, select the correct address. If you are prompted that the bin file is wrong, please confirm whether the bin file selection is correct, or contact the provider to obtain the correct bin file.


Step 3. 

Enter the correct password (Password: 5418**). Click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade. After opening the upgrade tool, the first upgrade will prompt "The upgrade is ready. Are you sure you want to upgrade?", click "OK" to continue the upgrade, and there will be no prompt after that; click "Cancel" to exit the upgrade.


Click "OK" to enter the normal upgrade process. Please make sure the upgrade is completed.


3. Error handling


If the bin file is wrong, please confirm whether the bin file selection is correct or contact the provider to obtain the correct bin file.


Prompt response timeout, please check whether the communication line is connected well or whether the contact is good.


In case of any failure in the pgrade process, the upgrade must be repeated until it is successful. If the upgrade has not been successful, please contact our technical department.

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