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Steps to change inverter Main PCB--LV6548/Max6.5K



1.Remove side fixing screws.Open the upper and lower panels.

There are cables connected to the panel, be careful not to break them.


2.Remove Control Board gfixing screws,6 Screws in Total



3. Remove plastic bolts,4 In Total. Then remove the covering paper




4. Remove the motherboard fixing screws,14 Screws in Total.


4.1 Upper left screws,3 in Total


4.2 Centre screws,3 in Total



4.3 Lower left screw,3 in Total



4.4 Upper right screws,2 in Total



4.5 Lower right screws,2 in Total




5.Remove all Cables on the Motherboard. You need some tools to remove the anti-stripping glue on the terminal. Be careful not to break the cable.


6. Remove the lower baffle mounting screws, 2 on each side, 4 in Total.


7. Remove the lower baffle, then you can pull out the Motherboard.


8. Install the new motherboard, reconnect the cables and screws in the original setup. 

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