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Possible reason: inverter shut down in split phase mode


With Two LV6548 parallel, inverter output can be split phasen120V / 240VAC.


However, if the inverter is set as split phase mode/parallel mode.(Parameter 28 set as 2P1/2P2); and if single inverter is in use, or 2 inverters in use but parallel cable not connected correctly, inverter may shut down.



If you are using only 1 inverter, but by mistake set Parameter 28 as 2P1/2P2 split phase mode, inverter may shut down in 60s, the inverter shut down may happen too quick to allow you to set parameter back.

When you face above mentioned trouble, do the following to correct it.

  1. Connect 120V AC input to inverter.

  2. Keep inverter'Power' button un-pressed.

  3. Set parameter 28 back to 'SIG' mode.

  4. Restart inverter.


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