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Set Your Inverter Work in Split Phase Mode--LV6548/Max6.5K


How to set inverter to work in split phase mode?

If you are having those inverters: Orient Power/ EG4 / Sungoldpower / Mpp Solar Inverter


1. Use Parallel communication cable to connect your inverter like this:



2. Hold ↵ Button to get in Setting Program, Set #28 One Set to 2P1, another set to 180 2P2.

#28 is able to set up only in standby mode. Be sure tat on/off switch is in ‘off’ Status.



If Setting is correct, LCD will show like this:  



3. If you want to set protocols,just set #05 to PYL or other protocols you want on the 2P1 inverter, the 2P2 inverter set #05 to AGM mode.

Battery communication cables is also connect to the 2P1 inverter.



4. Enjoy your household energy storage system. 

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