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Single Phase or Split Phase Connection with the LV6548 Inverter


When you have 2 LV6548 inverters, the inverters can be paralleled as single phase to increase the power or parallel to have 120/240V split phases.

Typically if single phase connect is enough for your load to run at 110V 60Hz, the below is a simple example for the connection.

Single Phase Standard Connection

Some of you may need to use both sigle phase and split phase, you can refer to below connection and setting.

Split Phases Standard Connection


To set inverters in split phases:

  • If you have 2 batteries, both batteries power cable parallel together.

  • Connect Inverter-BMS communication cable seperately.

  • Inverter parameter 28 set as PAL

  • L1 set as 2P1; L2 set as 2P2 120/180.

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